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    At Kaushee's Place all women are valued & treated with dignity. We honour the strength & resilience of women who are responding to violence.

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    You are not alone. Abuse is not your fault.

  • Kaushee Harris will not be forgotten.

  • There is no excuse for abuse. Abusers choose to use violence.

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    We believe there is no excuse for violence against women or children.

  • Betty's Haven

    Betty Sjodin is an inspiration.


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Through the generous support of many private donors, organizations, employee groups, foundations, and government funding we are able to help women and children.

Kaushee’s Story

Kaushee Harris had a vision of a safe home for women, which has since developed into the Yukon Women’s Transition Home. We named Kaushee's Place after her.

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Betty’s Haven

Betty's Haven is now open! It is an additional 10-unit Second Stage Housing complex.
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