When you have made the decision to leave your home to escape domestic violence it can often be an overwhelming experience, so here is a list of items to remember to take with you.


  • Driver’s Licence or ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Money, cheque book, debit and credit cards
  • Your cell phone
  • Lease, rental agreement, house deed
  • Bank book and bank statements
  • House keys and car keys
  • Social insurance card
  • Address book and phone numbers
  • Carecard, medications, medical records
  • Marriage licence, separation and/or divorce papers
  • Child custody and access papers
  • Passport
  • Immigration papers or status card
  • Peace bonds and/or restraining orders

*Any medications that you or your children require. It’s a good idea to bring something comforting like a stuffed animal or favourite toy or blanket for your children.



Through the generous support of many private donors, organizations, employee groups, foundations, and government funding we are able to help women and children.

Kaushee’s Story

Kaushee Harris had a vision of a safe home for women, which has since developed into the Yukon Women’s Transition Home. We named Kaushee's Place after her.

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Betty’s Haven

Betty's Haven is now open! It is an additional 10-unit Second Stage Housing complex.
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