Crisis Line

The Crisis Line provides support and information and can lead to emergency housing for women who are experiencing abuse now. Family and friends of abused women as well as professionals can also call for support and information.

The Crisis Line is operated by professional staff. All of our staff is caring, knowledgeable women who provide information about resources in the community, help to create a safety plan for women at risk of physical violence, and help women create a plan to make safe choices. Counsellors are compassionate and non-judgmental.

Need Help Now?

Call our 24-hour Crisis Line: 867.668.5733

*Call us collect if you cannot afford the cost.

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Through the generous support of many private donors, organizations, employee groups, foundations, and government funding we are able to help women and children.

Kaushee’s Story

Kaushee Harris had a vision of a safe home for women, which has since developed into the Yukon Women’s Transition Home. We named Kaushee's Place after her.

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Betty’s Haven

Betty's Haven is now open! It is an additional 10-unit Second Stage Housing complex.
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