Kaushee’s Place offers:

  • A free safe shelter
  • Beds for women and their children
  • All meals
  • Experienced staff 24 hours a day
  • A large wheelchair accessible house

Kaushee’s Place is free of charge, and women of all ages and their kids can stay for up to 30 days. We have a shared kitchen and living room, nine bedrooms and a playroom.
Kaushee’s Place staff can assist women and help them find the community resources they need.

How can we help?
Kaushee’s Place staff is always available by phone or in person. We provide support, advocacy, accompaniment and referrals to women who have experienced abuse whether or not they are staying here.

We also provide safe, non-judgmental listening and support over the phone. We refer women to other community resources and we can accompany women to appointments, housing interviews, lawyers or legal services, social assistance, doctors or clinics, childcare services, mental health and other government services etc.

We can also help women get to Kaushee’s Place. Contact us now.

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